MTYF conveyancing for real estate sellers

If you are selling your property, you too need the security and reassurance of having the legal details of the change of ownership and receipt of the proceeds handled on your behalf by a qualified conveyancing specialist like MTYF who can ensure compliance with the Real Property Act 1900, Conveyancing Act 1919 and the requirements of Land and Property Information NSW (LPI).

MTYF services to sellers are comprehensive and include:

  • Preparation of the contract for sale and advice on the key terms of the contract;
  • Assisting you to comply with the terms of the contract, any special conditions and key dates;
  • Coordinating the settlement date of the property you are selling with that of any property you are buying if these are occurring within the same time frame;
  • Ensuring that you are paid in full on settlement and that all outstanding rates and other charges are paid and accounted for;
  • Arranging for the discharge of your mortgage (if any) and any other encumbrance that may hinder settlement to ensure that the sale of your property can be settled at completion;
  • Ensuring that all documents that you are required to sign are correct and provided to you in a timely manner;
  • Making arrangements with the agent to pay the balance any deposit they hold, less their commission, to be paid to you and notifying the agent that the sale has settled;
  • Calculating the settlement figures and adjustment of outgoings (i.e. rates, land tax and body corporate levies);
  • Attending settlement on your behalf and banking sale proceeds to your account as you direct; and
  • Notify you in writing of settlement and provide you with a copy of relevant documents for your future accounting and other needs.