Fixed fee offer and a full range of services

Unlike some of our competitors, who charge a sliding fee depending on the value of the property being conveyed, our standard fees apply whether you are buying a cottage or a palace. Once contracts have been exchanged, MTYF will charge you a fixed fee for the purchase of any residential property including a strata unit.

MTYF standard Conveyancing services include:

  • Liaising with your mortgage provider to ensure that their requirements are met and that funds for your purchase are available for settlement;
  • Reviewing the contract and advising you on any clauses or conditions that may require your attention;
  • Preparing, organising and executing the required property transfer documents;
  • Advising you of key dates (such as finance approval, building and pest inspections);
  • Conducting a range of searches of the property and title to ensure your title is unencumbered and watertight;
  • Liaising with your mortgage provider to ensure that they will discharge the loan and release the certificate of title at settlement;
  • Organising the valuation of the property (if required) and the stamping of documents;
  • Preparing for and attending the settlement as your representative and making payments in accordance with your instructions;
  • Arranging for payment of all outstanding rates, land tax and body corporate levies at settlement; and
  • Notifying you in writing of settlement and providing you with a copy of relevant documents for your future accounting and other needs.

Important information: Home and land packages and buying “off the plan”

When you buy a home and land package or strata unit “off the plan” before construction is complete, you enjoy certain benefits. For example, you can usually specify your own finishes such as carpets and fittings, and you move into brand new premises with brand new appliances and fittings. Furthermore, you don’t have to pay anything except the deposit until the time the home is completed. However, there are also certain disadvantages, since you cannot register the ownership of a residence that is not yet built, nor can you obtain a mortgage on a property that does not yet exist. For this reason, conveying “off the plan” property only takes place shortly prior to completion. At the same time, it is essential to scrutinise the offer to purchase very carefully to ensure you are covered against risks such as unreasonable delays in completion, bankruptcy of the developer, poor quality workmanship, and the non-supply of specified fittings and finishes.

Conveyancing FAQs